Floating Bar for Your Pool : List of Essential Items

One of the best ways to enjoy a  chilling drink on a scorching summer afternoon  is on the water. You can either do it on a lake, a river and now even by your backyard swimming pool. The only thing that bothers people from enjoying their drink in the water is getting out to get a refill.

This article offers a simple solution to that problem –  bring your bar with you! 

Having a pool bar provides you with easy and quick access to drinks even when you’re in the water. This ensures that the party goes on without interruptions. The vital element of a pool bar is of course as you’d guess – the equipment.

Here are the top things you need for your pool bar :

1. Floating Cooler

flaoating cooler for bar


The very first priority of any kind of bar is to keep its drinks cold. An inflatable cooler does just that. It goes without saying that  Drinks are best served cold . Also, some coolers also feature drink holders which are numbered to help you keep track of libations.

2. Unbreakable Wine Glasses



Drinking Wine is good, but drinking it out of a solo cup made of glass isn’t. In fact, it’s a terrible idea. The thought of  wine glass shattered  around them or worst, in the pool, is terrifying and should be avoided at all costs. This is why it’s wise to invest in a set of unbreakable silicone wine glasses.

3. Cool Pool Toys

pool floating swan


Regardless of even if they are for adults, a pool party isn’t complete with fun, bright pool toys for you and your guest to play with. This can include an inflatable unicorn, flamingo, swan, and gator. They are the  essentials for cool summer pool selfies . Other toys like beach balls also add a lot of fun for guests.

4. Lifeguard Drink Holders

lifeguard drink holder for pool


Drinks are cool, but the need of holding them all the time isn’t. Not to mention that dropping them in the pool is a whole another tragedy. Lucky for you, you can avoid both of these with a floating drink holder.

5. Inflatable Tiki Bar

flaoting bar


An inflatable tiki bar always gets to be the hilarious center of any pool party. It’s not only for show. It works. With  two ice bins and six drink holders , the bartender will have a great time there. He’d also appreciate canopy on that hot day.

6. Drink Tray



Made out of foam, it has cutouts for holding four drinks. Extremely effective in hot tubs, pools, the tray resembles waffle. It’s an alternative for keeping beverages above water. You can also these for  holding your snacks .

7. Floating Bluetooth Speaker



If you’re hosting an adult party, music is as important as alcohol. These floating waterproof speakers  connect flawlessly to any Android or iPhone device  which lets you stream favorite music in the pool itself. The blue mood lights also create the perfect mood for listening in the dark

8. Inflatable Beer Pong Table

floating pong


What can be better than playing the most popular drinking game right inside your pool? The floating beer pong also includes a small cooler with a bunch of extra cup holders on the sides. Now, if you don’t play pong, you can use it as a  mega drink holder  for an event or maybe even as a float.

9. Sunblock



It’s natural that most people will bring their own sunscreen, but, as a pool owner, it’s your responsibility to have some reserve in hand. The sun feels nice on the face but can also cause damage to the skin. It will also protect your guests and yourself from possible sunburns and let you enjoy without worrying.

10. Backyard Grill



Pool parties and grilled food go hand in hand. There is no chance that your guests won’t appreciate a fresh hot dog, or a burger after a long swimming session or poolside play. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the grill area, the better it is.

11. Poolside Drink Makers



Although  no party is complete without drinks ,, when it comes to pool party, drinks become an even more important element. If you haven’t got one yet, you should invest in a few cocktail shakers along with few drink making accessories. You can keep these ingredients and glasses in a poolside bar cart which keeps summertime beverages within arms distance.

12. Poolside Lights

pool lights


Nighttime pool parties require lighting as an important element. You can either go for outdoor string lights which offer a touch of  old fashion charm . Or, you can go for illuminated accents which float on the pool and make it even more fun to swim in the night time. Although, make sure that insulation is done properly.

Author: Jack Iglesias

I am Jack Iglesias, the brain behind this blog. By profession, I am a pool heater and pump repairman. After being around heaters and pumps for so long, I started to consult people who wanted to build the pool for themselves.

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