Inground Pool Selection : What is the Best type of Inground swimming pool

Pool selection is a compound and tricky thought process, something I’ll talk about in this article.

You see, no matter which pools equipment retailer you go to, he’ll suggest something according to his expertise or knowledge.
Worst, he can recommend you according to what is available at his shop at that point to make a sale. As the end goal of the shopkeeper is to close a sale.

If you go on Amazon, you’ll be bewildered by the number of options available. If you’re first time buyer, you won’t understand a lot of technical terms either. Which makes pool selection a very confusing and rather irritating task.

This article will help you skip this process by putting forward what matters and  making your selection 10x easier . I’ll explain types of inground pools, and which ones are fit for whom.

Types of Inground Pools

Concrete with Plaster or Aggregate Finishes

concrete pool

These are made with the most common inground pool building materials i.e steel-reinforced concrete to form a shell. They were also the first ones that were in use when the concept of residential pools become widespread.

Reason ?

Because they were porous, durable and allowed the shell to  hold water  which provided stability. Not to mention that these  could be replastered  whenever needed which made them last longer. Most of the time, a pool with a modern curve will not cost more than the same sized traditional and angularly shaped pool.

# Pros : Cost effective, long life 

# Cons : Maintenance, Increased use of chemicals, takes time to install

Alternative Finishes

alternative finish pool

A bunch of different materials can also be added to pool surfaces made out of plaster or concrete. Some popular ones being used are  tile, stone, plaster or concrete . Such alternative finishes are gaining popularity. These include WetEdge’s Primera Stone, Pebble aggregate, NPT’s jewelscapes etc. These last up to 10-12 years.


fiber glass pool

These are sold as one piece shell. It will be made out of fiberglass and sold as large one-piece shell. It arrives at your house by truck then put into the excavated hole via a crane. Now, because they’re ready-made,  you can’t really hope for customizations or unique design . Majority of manufacturers have different models and sizes from which you can choose easily. Spas, benches, and steps are usually commonly performed.

They’re slick, and very tough for algae to stick to. They also make the pool building process easy. But they can also be costly. One will last up to 10-15 years as exposure to sun and chemicals will deteriorate the fiberglass which  can’t be replaced .

# Pros : Quick Installation, Low maintenance

# Cons : Cost, Limited Shapes



Lined with vinyl, these pools are made with plastic or metal frames which are then set into an excavated hole. Panels made up of plastic, or prefab supporting walls, aluminum, or steel are joined to the frame in order to make a form which is inlined with heavy vinyl to form the shell. The bottom sits on a bed of sad while the top is held down by coping. It not only creates a finished edge but also doubles up as a border for the pool deck.

Much like every other material, vinyl also deteriorates when exposed to sunlight and chemicals. Although, it is worth noting that some liners also come equipped with UV inhibitors and fungus that are very efficient in extending the life of vinyl for up to 15-18 years.

# Pros : Long Life, Cheap, No algae

# Cons : Requires maintenance, low resale value

How to Decide the Perfect Inground Pool ?

Family on a Budget

 Recommended : Medium Sized Fiber Glass Pool 

An average family pool is versatile and large to ensure accommodation for people of different ages at the same time. It’s a classic 16 by 32 rectangular pool. If for some reason, you don’t like rectangle pools, you can go with a similar sized kidney shaped pool as well.

The only issue which can bother you is the cost. They cost a lot if you’re purchasing a fiberglass or concrete. Thereby, your best bet is purchasing a vinyl liner pool.

You also need to set a budget for safety features like an automatic pool cover, pool alarm, interior fence etc.

Couple (No Kids)

 Recommended : Small Fiberglass Pool 

Spending an afternoon beside a pool can be a perfect day for a lot of couples. You can be reading, or maybe sunbathing while taking a dip in the pool every now and then. If this is the case, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest in a big pool if a small pool can serve just as well.

You can use the extra budget in things such as poolside bar, outdoor kitchen, or speakers etc. If you think you’re mostly going to be near the deck, the small pool will serve you just as well as a large one.

Since you’re going to a small pool, you can get a fiberglass since it’s high quality and won’t take long to install. The shape is up to your personal preferences. Round or Square, it’s up to you.

Serious Swimmers

 Recommended : Concrete Lap Pools 

A lot of people actually love to swim in their pools – as an exercise.  They need a pool in which they can practice laps and a bunch of exercises. If you’re one of these guys, you need an elongated pool often called lap pool. Mostly they’re out of concrete, although fiberglass one is also available.

The only problem with these swimming pools is the amount of space they take. If you have that part covered, you’re good to go.

Luxury Seekers

 Recommended : Infinity Edged Pool 

What if you have no restrictions?

It’s quite safe to say that a dream pool would be quite spacious, and made out of premium materials.

If your backyard is spacious, then installing an infinity edge pool would a sight hard to beat. You can also go for a freeform pool with a grotto and waterfall.  On the other hand, if you are a fan of minimalism, you can go with classy grass-surround pool.

Conclusion :  Setting up a pool is certainly no joke. You can spend up to $5k if not more.

An average pool filter itself will cost a good amount. Then there is a maintenance cost, and so on. Not to forget extra accessories you’d have to purchase to surround your pool with.

I hope this article would have opened your mind a little bit more about selecting a perfect inground pool for your home.

Author: Jack Iglesias

I am Jack Iglesias, the brain behind this blog. By profession, I am a pool heater and pump repairman. After being around heaters and pumps for so long, I started to consult people who wanted to build the pool for themselves.

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