About Me

Welcome to Poolsupreme – a blog all about pool accessories.

Jack Iglesias

I am Jack Iglesias, the brain behind this blog. By profession, I am a pool heater and pump repairman. After being around heaters and pumps for so long, I started to consult people who wanted to build the pool for themselves. I’ve helped tons of people get their own inground, and above ground pools.

Now, the idea of pool sounds lucrative, especially in summers. The idea of escaping the heat and just enjoying jacuzzi is amazing. But, isn’t as simple in practice. When you’re trying to build a pool, tons of factors come to play. Equipment, Area, Usage and much more things.

There are DIY designs and pool body being sold, but they also require a lot of manual installation work (apart from lots of dollars). Also, for every product or accessory, there is a flood of manufacturers. For those who don’t know the technical aspects, this is a nightmare.

This is why I started this blog – to help you shop better for your pool.